Who is Picking Profits?

I would best describe myself as a polymath who is obsessed with the constant pursuit of knowledge. Outside of my youtube channel, my life revolves around studying history, politics, philosophy, psychology, and the study of fine imported beer.

I am an extreme workaholic but only because I love what I do and thoroughly enjoy the thrill and challenge of running multiple businesses while maintaining a busy and ever growing youtube channel. I love antiques, vintage, and unique and will collect just about anything. It is my hope that I am able to continue discussing business, entrepreneurship, treasure hunting, resale and collecting indefinitely while networking with others who are as passionate as I am.

I credit almost all of my success to my best friend and life partner for being the only person who has never given up on me and never will and who has been there every time. I will love you forever and always RVS.

4 Responses to “Who is Picking Profits?”

  1. PP
    You are so down to earth and sweet, I am addicted to watching your videos…you make me laugh, and you have taught me so much!!! Not sure where to ask this, but do you sell coffee cups on Amazon FBA? I started buying cups and love the unique ones…I really only want to sell on Amazon FBA because I has another business and don’t want to devote that much time….Can you just tell us what you like to sell on Amazon FBA besides media, please!!! Thanks so much…..CC

    • admin says:

      I sell anything on Ebay. I don’t sell mugs on Amazon. I sell mostly books on Amazon. They are so easy to deal with.

  2. Zoe says:

    thanks for all the great information. I just heard your podcast interview over at thrifting for profit. You are so inspiring. I too love the search for books, especially obscure and quirky ones as well as other weird thrifting finds for ebay. You mentioned that you were thinking of getting rid of all your cds/dvds on Amazon. I am new to FBA but when I heard about the people who were being sued by big companies for accidentally selling bootlegged disks I decided to just not go there. the cost of trying to get all your inventory sent back would be a serious tragedy. What did you finally decide to do about disks?

    • admin says:

      I like CDs. DVDs are a little bit sketchy. I would sell both very carefully. FBA can be incredibly profitable for sure though.

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