Vacation Time!

I am super excited to say that we will be taking a week off from the business to go on vacation. I am super busy trying to wrap up all of the loose ends and finish up an FBA shipment. Once this one is done that will mean 1,200 books processed and shipped out in one week, a new record for me. Can you imagine how much money you could make if you shipped out 1,000 books each WEEK? That’s a lot of money… potentially 6 figure type income… The thing about books and specifically long tail books though, is that you won’t see the results for a LONG TIME. So while a 6 figure net income in 1 year might sound nice, all that money will keep rolling in 1,2,3 years later. I remember at the start of this year and ALL YEAR this year, I had a ton of books from last year that are selling NOW. So by January 2015 I expect to have about 20,000 books in the warehouse. That means there is a massive pile of books that are stockpiled and will just sell off. All of them have paid for themselves 5 times over so it’s all gravy at that point! NOWHERE IN THE WORLD will you find the same return on investment that you do in used media. With retail arbitrage you are lucky to double your money and sure, sometimes you can make 10x your money or something like that, but that’s rare.

I guess what I am trying to say though is this… It is really important to spend time off and away from the business. I love talking, vlogging, writing, and sharing all aspects of what I do but sometimes you need some time away from it all. As you know, this is a huge passion for me and I enjoy it but Rachel is kinda dragging me away from it and it’s a good thing ultimately. Besides, we are going to meet up with someone from youtube so I am excited about that too 🙂 Work hard, constantly try to improve, and sometimes but rarely take some time off! One of the best reasons to live in Connecticut is for the Summer and my biggest regret is that I have not been enjoying the 4 seasons correctly that I am paying a massive premium (in cost of living and taxes) to enjoy! I’ll be back making videos in August!

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