Huge Announcement Coming Soon!

Hey all, I just wanted to make a quick little announcement to just say THANKS. Thanks for all the support. I can’t tell you how much it means for all the likes, comments, shares, and people who click that subscribe button. Thanks for all the people who care and support the channel, the blog, the youtube, the twitter, the pintrest, and even the tumblrI. I really enjoy putting out videos and writing about the 100% true experiences and realities of being a full time reseller.

I will likely be making a huge announcement hopefully this week that will change my life forever. Once I go through with this there will be no turning back! I really hope all of you will support me in this and I think you will all be very satisfied with the choices I will be making. Please stay tuned for more information about this announcement.

If you don’t like Ebay’s policies then don’t sell on Ebay!

I have never seen or heard people complain so much as they do when it comes to Ebay. For some strange reason, Ebay sellers seem to have some sort of an entitlement mentality that they they deserve to be treated better by Ebay. The key word here is “deserve”. You deserve exactly what you agreed to – nothing more and obviously nothing less. They say that Ebay is “UNFAIR” to sellers and they Ebay MUST change. I say to these people that THEY must change. Did you know that Amazon’s return policy is BY FAR, MUCH MORE in favor of the buyer than Ebay? Ask anyone who is a serious Amazon seller and they will tell you. They will also tell you that scams, frauds, cheats, and liars make up such a small percentage of total buyers. If you are spending time freaking out about people like this, then you are not making money! Successful businesses do not spend all day worrying about those types of buyers!


Here is a link to the article



Books that sell for more than their published price

I love finding books like these. You know, the ones that have actually increased in value over time! If a book has increased in value over time then it must be a pretty good book. I was just going through books that I was processing when I noticed this one and I thought it was interesting. I have done really well with older technical books and art books. These ones are generally slower sellers, perhaps 1-2 million + rank books, but as you may know, I get them for cheap. This one is a bit beat up but should go for at least $35 still.

leaderofthelemmings (you know who you are)

Beware of “Ecommerce Platform Shills” who will use subtle language to slam those who remain free to speak the truth, for these shills are bought and paid for and will protect their interests aggressively. Learn who these people are and make fun of them whenever possible (they hate that). Those who have sold their conscience to such interests are toxic, as they stunt the growth of free thought and forward progress. They should be exposed and up rooted whenever possible.

Interesting observation in Ebay User Agreement Update

I was checking my ebay store as I do from time to time when I noticed I had a message in my Ebay inbox. Now typically this message is Ebay spamming some sort of useless garbage like “Try bill me later!” for the thousandth time… No, not quite… This time it was something of substance and value. They had just updated the Ebay user agreement and added quite a bit of stuff to it. Now I wanted to make a video about this but I am just way too busy with a bunch of stuff (GOOD STUFF) which I will be sharing with everyone hopefully next week or certainly by the end of the month. I just wanted to share my thoughts on a brief passage that I noticed because I thought it was interesting.

The updated user agreement is here if you were wondering

Under the section “using Ebay” I scrolled through it and noticed this passage

In connection with using or accessing the Services you will not:

reproduce, perform, display, distribute, reverse engineer, or prepare derivative works from content that belongs to or is licensed to eBay, or that comes from the Services and belongs to another eBay user or to a third party including works covered by any copyrights, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property right, except with prior express permission of eBay and/or any other party holding the right to license such use;

commercialize any eBay application or any information or software associated with such application;

harvest or otherwise collect information about users without their consent; or

circumvent any technical measures we use to provide the Services.

Could this mean they don’t like such content as this?

I guess time will tell.

Vacation Time!

I am super excited to say that we will be taking a week off from the business to go on vacation. I am super busy trying to wrap up all of the loose ends and finish up an FBA shipment. Once this one is done that will mean 1,200 books processed and shipped out in one week, a new record for me. Can you imagine how much money you could make if you shipped out 1,000 books each WEEK? That’s a lot of money… potentially 6 figure type income… The thing about books and specifically long tail books though, is that you won’t see the results for a LONG TIME. So while a 6 figure net income in 1 year might sound nice, all that money will keep rolling in 1,2,3 years later. I remember at the start of this year and ALL YEAR this year, I had a ton of books from last year that are selling NOW. So by January 2015 I expect to have about 20,000 books in the warehouse. That means there is a massive pile of books that are stockpiled and will just sell off. All of them have paid for themselves 5 times over so it’s all gravy at that point! NOWHERE IN THE WORLD will you find the same return on investment that you do in used media. With retail arbitrage you are lucky to double your money and sure, sometimes you can make 10x your money or something like that, but that’s rare.

I guess what I am trying to say though is this… It is really important to spend time off and away from the business. I love talking, vlogging, writing, and sharing all aspects of what I do but sometimes you need some time away from it all. As you know, this is a huge passion for me and I enjoy it but Rachel is kinda dragging me away from it and it’s a good thing ultimately. Besides, we are going to meet up with someone from youtube so I am excited about that too 🙂 Work hard, constantly try to improve, and sometimes but rarely take some time off! One of the best reasons to live in Connecticut is for the Summer and my biggest regret is that I have not been enjoying the 4 seasons correctly that I am paying a massive premium (in cost of living and taxes) to enjoy! I’ll be back making videos in August!

JFK Assassination Book BOLO!

As anyone who has studied US history knows, the JFK assassination was kind of a big deal. There are tons of books written about it, and I mean tons. Every time I go out looking for books, regardless of where I go, I always find JFK books. I find almost as many books about JFK as I do about Steven King! The fact of the matter is though, most of them are TOTALLY WORTHLESS. It’s just like Princess Dianna. Everyone wrote a ton of books about the subject but very few are actually worth selling. You can do really well with lotting these books together and selling them on Ebay, but I prefer to sell books on Amazon and through FBA. Here is one book in particular that I have had incredible success with. I have routinely sold this one for $25+ and it is really one of the only JFK books that I have ever sold. If you are into history or the JFK assassination, or the conspiracy theory stuff, then this is one of the most well respected books on the subject. If you are looking for a JFK book that actually is a BOLO, then check out this one!

Frustration And Determination

Summer in New England is the best and most important time to source products for resale with the exception of retail arbitrage for 4th quarter. Right now, July 17th, is really the busiest time for me. If you follow me on my youtube channel then you may know that I have a schedule that I follow for thrift shop hunting and book sourcing. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but especially Summer, I throw book sales into the mix. Around here we have a ton of book sales. It is perhaps the greatest state in the whole US if you like books because we get all the books from NH, NY, CT, MA, RI and NJ. They sort of trickle in here because CT is the place where a lot of people commute from and there is a lot of wealth in the area so the quality of the books tends to be amazing!

Here comes the frustrating part. During the peak of summer especially, it is very tough to balance everything. I want to make a ton of videos, source a ton of books, go to tag sales, thrift shops, and find treasure too but yet still have some time to sneak in a little bit of rest and relaxation! What it really comes down to for me is, do I want to, and can I work more on the stuff that will make me money in the future (youtube, website, book plans) or is it better to work in the here and now on books so that I can keep the lights on (Amazon, Ebay). It’s easier said than done to just say “work on both!” This is where frustration and determination really clash. I want to be the best. I want to enrich the world by helping people and becoming more popular, recognized, and respected for what I do. I think this should be the dream of all entrepreneurs… change the world for the better while making yourself rich. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to stay determined on my goals but I have so many driving forces behind me to keep me that way. I have so many things planned but I most likely will not be able to work on them until book sale season slows down! Perhaps next week will be better for me, but this week we had two fill a bag book sales and we scored BIG. I will keep you all updated and show you what I found soon!

How I Make Full Time Income Selling Books On Amazon FBA – Sales Update Video For Amazon

How & Why To Shrink Wrap Books For Amazon FBA, Ebay, & Etsy

How & Why To Shrink Wrap Books For Amazon FBA, Ebay, & Etsy

In this video I show you how I shrink wrap the books that I send to Amazon FBA. It’s very important to shrink wrap valuable books and ones that are Like New or New. If they are not protected they can easily get damaged and even lost forever at the warehouse! Remember, the sticker on the back is basically the lifeline for that book!