I personally use InventoryLab and I think you should too!
Why you might ask? Because it is awesome.

The most important thing when running a business is knowing what makes you money, what doesn’t, why that is, and then explaining that all to the IRS when it is time to pay your taxes. I was excited when I heard about InventoryLab because I quickly realized that my biggest fear of all, bookkeeping and properly doing taxes, could now be easily managed and simplified. InventoryLab is the ultimate no brainer solution to bookeeping for Amazon sellers.

Here are a few main reasons why I use InventoryLab and why I think you should too!


With InventoryLab you can list your products on Amazon and print with a thermal printer. In order to print with a thermal printer you generally need to have a 3rd party platform such as InventoryLab. This allows you to print the label for that exact item rather than use the standard method of printing out 30 label avery sticker sheets. Using a thermal printer saves so much time and is incredibly efficient. Best of all, when you list with InventoryLab all of the information that you input is instantly synchronized with your bookkeeping data on Inventorylab. This means that it will tell you when you bought it, how much you paid for it, when it sells, how much profit you make or expect to make. It does it all for you and there is nothing else on the market like it!


You can enter in all of your details into one neat and organized location. There are dedicated sections to put every type of data you could imagine. This ranges from meals, travel, gas, car repairs, supplies, lodging, fees, services, advertising… you name it. It is far more than just tracking for the products you sell on Amazon. It is a an epic complete and total accounting database for your business. I keep a physical log and then each month I transfer over that information directly into InventoryLab. It keeps everything organized in one place to be easily accessed when tax time comes around.


Every single bit of information is stored in InventoryLab and so it will tell you what is in stock and what isn’t as well as what sold, when it sold, and how much you profited or lost on the transaction. It tells you everything you could ever want to know. You can run reports, look at in depth pie charts and graphs, or look at tables. For people who really want to take a good look at the data behind their business, InventoryLab was created for you.

Scouting App:

As if all of the above details were not good enough, they also have a scouting app included with all of the above features. In my opinion, this app really crushes the Amazon seller app.

All in all, this basically means that InventoryLab is the go to place for all of your needs. They have the most important features that sellers are looking for!
1) List products quickly and efficiently with thermal labels (BY FAR the best way to label your items)
2) Manage 100% of the bookkeeping for your business so you can focus on growing your business!
3) A scouting app for when you are out sourcing inventory regardless of if it is media, retail arbitrage, or thrifting!

Check it out for yourself, they even have a no bs 30 day free trial!

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