Here is some more insight into my Amazon FBA business

I get a lot of questions regarding Amazon FBA and specifically selling books and I wanted to share something new with you all. I made a short little video on youtube about what I was up to today and mentioned that I was packing up about 900ish books and sending them out to the Amazon warehouse. I just finished boxing up the second shipment and wanted to just share with you guys the actual numbers from the two shipments. Interpret it as you will, but remember my COGs average out to less than $1 per book. It should be mentioned that the inbound shipping combined total was just about $250. Anyway I just thought I would share this with anyone who might be curious since I have not shared it with anyone before 🙂

Shipment #1
Avg Rank 297,121
Total Count 432
Total Price $4,999.72
Net Payout $2,935.91

Shipment #2
Avg Rank 497,968
Total Count 469
Total Price $7,031.17
Net Payout $4,487.49

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