Getting Started On Amazon FBA

Years ago when I started selling on Amazon there was not a whole lot of good information out there to get started. I had to try a whole bunch of different things and at the time Amazon was very forgiving. If you could believe it, the first time I sent in a shipment I actually taped on the labels on the items that I sent in. I made a bunch of mistakes, did a whole bunch of things that were not quite right but I got away with it. Those were the good old days.

Amazon has since tightened up most of their policies, added a bunch of new rules that you must follow, made the whole process more confusing, and added a lot more complicated steps just to get started. It used to be that you could just “send it in” and truly it was incredibly easy. Amazon has now become a lot more confusing, but this is not to dissuade you from jumping into the jungle that is Amazon. Rather, you should be excited because knowledge is power and without knowledge you are probably going to end up falling into quicksand.

There is some really great news for you though, if you are just starting out on Amazon. There are now some VERY reasonably priced guides and ebooks available that will teach you everything there is to know about getting started on amazon step by step. I don’t really sense a need to reinvent the wheel right now, so I’d rather just recommend a few very useful products that I think you will make great use of. The first one I want to talk to you about is this book by Cynthia Stine. I have seen step by step guides sell for thousands, hundreds, and many just about $100. This guide is very reasonably priced in my opinion for what it offers if you want to know the complete basics of selling on Amazon FBA.

One of the books that I read after really getting big into Amazon FBA was Arbitrage by Chris Green. This book explains the process of “retail arbitrage” among many other important topics, and it is very well written. In my opinion this is a must have book and I recommend it to everyone who personally asks me about it. This book actually has some weight to it too. It is a very in depth book but it is still very easy to read. I think you will definitely learn a lot about Amazon FBA and specifically retail arbitrage.

The first book I ever read about Amazon was Barcode Booty. This book is an excellent motivational read. I credit it for initially getting me excited and motivated to start selling on Amazon and using FBA. Prior to this book I was selling on Ebay 100%. If you know me you know that I love selling Ebay type items but because of this book I started branching out to Amazon FBA. You won’t learn that much “technical” stuff from this book but it will put everything into perspective for you. I highly recommend it because it really tells the story of transitioning into full time FBA and really gets you thinking about how much potential there is to run an enjoyable business that you love to do.

Another very entertaining and educational book is Traveltage. This book explains in detail how you can actually make a business out of traveling the whole US while selling on Amazon FBA full time. It’s a very interesting and educational book and best of all, it is available as a Kindle so it is very cheap too.

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