Domain Hosting

I use Hostgator for my website hosting and I am very pleased with their service. Their customer service is unmatched in my opinion. I am sure you can split hairs over who is better in all other ways, but I believe that all things being equal, at that point customer service ultimately made me decide to use Hostgator. I am not some techie at all, so I was very happy when they very quickly and efficiently helped me to set up my website and get it running when I had some basic questions. Hostgator has been around for a long time and has a record of being an excellent company, so why not try them out? They have done a fantastic job for me!

I use the Socrates wordpress theme. From everything I have read everywhere from everyone, Socrates wordpress theme is one of the best themes out there. I personally use it here on my blog and I think it is fantastic. Since I don’t know HTML or any other programming stuff, paying a little bit to have it all designed for me by an expert REALLY is worth every penny in my opinion…

Click Here! for more information about the Socrates theme.

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