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  1. catina says:


    I have watched a lot of you videos on YouTube you have really inspired me to go out their and start picking. My question is how can I improve my sales how can I get my items to move quickly. Here is my ebay store tell me what you think and how I can improve. Would really appreciate your opinion.


  2. Tammie Watson says:

    I recently had a yard sale and was donated about 2500 old vintage cassette tapes. I am trying to find someone interested in purchasing them for a resonable price. We definately have need to move these as quickly as possible. There were artist like Willie and Waylon, Anne Murray, Statler Brothers, Little Richy, and so many more I can’t remember them all. Do you know of anyone that might be interested in something like this. We are located in Fort Gaines Ga, Clay County near Lake Eufaula.

    • admin says:

      Cassette tapes can do very well but you should lot them by genre for best results. You can get $1-$2 pet cassette with free shipping in this way. People are shocked to hear this but it’s true.

  3. Ron Kincaid says:

    Picking Profits,

    I noticed that you are using the Socrates WordPress theme. I have considered buying the Socrates theme. Did you find it easy to use? Is it easy to add Amazon links to the theme? Are the Socrates’ instructional videos of good quality?

    Did you create your logo for this site or did you have someone else create the logo?

    I enjoy watching your videos on Amazon FBA.


    • admin says:

      I got it because I heard it was the best to use. I think it looks nice and will work for me. I will need a logo designed soon, just using one that came with the theme

    • admin says:

      I highly recommend the socrates theme it is fantastic and very easy for a beginner such as myself

  4. Andrea Reaves says:

    Hi I am completely new to your site after going to your hub then youtube it led me here. I currently sell on craigslist but was wanting to get started with ebay and have loved everything I’ve read and watched thus far. A question though, I have a Stockli Netstal Copper Samovar that is in close to perfect condition. I want to sell it but don’t know where or how much to ask for it. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      Copper brings in great profit. Check completed listings on Ebay to see what it’s worth approx. Google search your item and use the name of the item followed by EBAY if you cant find it on Ebay.

  5. Jeanette says:

    All I hear is rank and yet you have sold many with high rank.. ?? now im more lost. Ive passed on some 25cents books that had great profit but about a million or more rank

    • admin says:

      Million rank in books is not that bad at all IMO. For 25 cents probably worth grabbing if it sells for 10+

  6. Theresa says:

    I just watched one of your videos about retail arbitrage. I have bought and sold items for a profit on ebay for quite some time. I always felt that the fees on Amazon were more than on ebay, but your video peaked my interest. You mentioned that you had purchased something for $3 and sold for over one hundred dollars. I am curious to know what that product is. I have a ton of items that I personally own and want to get rid but unsure if there is any value. For instance old cell phones, a old PDA, etc. You also mentioned “cremes” “lotions” that are in demand. I have a habit of shopping in the clearance area of TJmax for unusual international cosmetics or skin care for personal use but I’m sure these items may sell well on Amazon. What are your thoughts and suggestions. I look forward to your response. Thank you for the tips and information you supplied in your video. I plan to watch the others soon.

  7. Ryan Smith says:

    I just want to say I have been following you for about a year now and greatly enjoy watching your channel on YouTube. While I only sell a few items here and there on eBay I still find most the info you provide very useful. Please continue with what you are doing. The website was a wonderful idea and I plan to visit it very often as I sell more. Thank you for what you are doing.

  8. Lanza says:

    Hi, to date your work has impressed me most. I have contacted three seperate popular online sellers on You Tube and received no responses back. I only require a few answers that can assist me on my way regarding Amazon. Please, please can you drop me a mail.

    I watched about two hours of your conversation with the English picker, I found it so so interesting. What your doing is truly inspirational and I pad attention to your interesting goal of wanting to purely pick for fun. In my opinion the field your involved in is just scratching the surface
    With regards to “good” documentary of the medium your involved in. I have been through an aray of emotions concerning work and in this world I Beleive we can help each other and there is no time limit on karma. The good will always be multiplied. I have no doubt you have personal ambitions as do I. Great advice can help you in turn from my direction and vice versa. Thanks in advance

  9. Lanza says:

    Thank you for producing the You Tube videos I found them most helpful. They were very inspiring and not full of outlandish claims.
    How much do u get for CDs on Amazon?

    Also on average how much do you typically get for books and what mediums or subjects are best?

    Now for the deep stuff and some advice on reaching you own goal, keep doing what u do and in turn your enthusiasm
    Will produce just rewards.

    The best way to make money is by bringing value to the market.

    Most people work of the ethos of WIFM , I.e What’s in it for me?

    We are rather like insular creatures and instinct makes me reach for what’s best for me, on a similar basis the same is mirrored throughout our society. But to realise the way the mind works is to catapult our understanding. Dr Wayne Dyer states we don’t
    get what we want from the world, we get what we are.

    There are two people who have been incredible inspirations to me.

    1. Dr Wayne Dyer, commonly referred to as the second most influential speakers of all time , he has written many books (check You Tube Out)

    2. Jim Rhon , incredible with simple rhetoric and integrity.

    Many thanks

  10. Andrew Paez says:

    Hey there, just a quick note to thank you for the excellent and informative videos. I’ve enjoyed them. Regarding your blog, just a note. Some of the links on your Recommended Supplies page are broken (mannequins, eg). I’d be interested in your sourcing for those as I occasionally buy clothing to resell. Thanks again. Cheers from California.

  11. Mike Howell says:


    I would like to know what your buying strategy is on books. For example – If you pay $1 for a book it has to sell for $10 and rank can’t be higher then 500,000.
    Please share your strategy

  12. Elgy says:

    Hi, thank you for your videos. I have a question, I’m branching out to FBA for books. How do you process your books so quickly? Do you have software or do it manually? I’m finding it takes a lot of time to list each book into inventory and do the research on other sellers to decide a price. Any advice? thanks. Appreciate it and your time!

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