Clothing Racks That I Recommend

In my opinion if you are selling clothes then you really should have a Clothing Rack. I know some people like to fold them up and or bag them and put them on a shelf but I find that if it sits like that then it gets creases and such. I prefer to simply remove the item from the clothing rack and pack it up. My customer will be happy since it won’t arrive wrinkled, folded, or creased. I have tried using plastic clothing racks and also ones that were partial metal. I find that if you put even light weight dress shirts on them that they warp, bend and collapse before you even fill half of the storage on the shelf…

I am not huge into clothing, but I did decide that I needed something that was going to be durable enough to hold all of the clothing that I was selling. This Clothing Rack is a total beast and is tested to hold 250 pounds (I am sure it holds a lot more). It comes with really nice casters so you can easily move it around and this thing is all solid metal so you don’t have to worry about it’s durability. It can hold four different sections of clothes. When it comes to this sort of thing I don’t like to skimp. I buy one thing that is going to last for more than a life time and then I use it for my business!

If you sell ties then you may be interested in this fantastic gadget as well. I use this to store my ties and I find that it is the absolute best in efficiently, neatly and compactly storing ties. This thing goes right onto a clothing rack or in a closet and it opens and closes very efficiently. At first I thought this thing looked kinda cheap but to be honest, it is extremely durable and efficient at what it is meant to do.

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