Boxes For Shipping Coffee Mugs In A Padded Flat Rate Envelope

I get a ton of people asking me what size boxes I use for shipping coffee mugs and furthermore they ask me where I buy them. I use 8x5x4 size boxes because they fit PERFECTLY inside a padded flat rate envelope from the USPS. This means you can ship your mugs very securely for a very reasonable price! These are the exact boxes that you will need if you are looking to safely ship a coffee mug inside a padded flat rate envelope.

You can also get B-flute by the roll which is what I use for this sort of shipping when I need a thin but firm layer of protection. I find that this stuff goes a long way and it’s far more practical than hoarding boxes or cutting up pieces of a box each time I need to use cardboard when shipping. You can also use this when you are shipping out books, as I show in my other videos of how I ship out books through media mail.

Lastly of course, I go through a fair amount of bubble wrap. Some people scavenge for bubble wrap and get it free. That’s fine depending on your connections and how you value your time… Time is our most precious asset and so I never rummage for boxes, bubble wrap, or cardboard. If you want it fast, I always recommend Amazon because with Prime shipping you can have it fast and that saves time and time is well, money.

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