Book Haul – My Favorite Ones From Recent Book Sale | Selling Books On Amazon

I see a ton of books, scan a lot of them, buy few of them, and even at that point, most of the ones I sell are not particularly interesting. Here are some of the ones that I personally found interesting.

I have sold this one a few times for really good profit. I don’t know, but it appears to have not been reprinted.

After watching Sons Of Anarchy I can’t help but be at least slightly more interested in how an outlaw motorcycle club operates can you blame me?

Conspiracy theory books tend to do pretty well, and the JFK assassination will likely always be a super hot one that will be talked about forever. This book is one of the best in the genre for the story that it presents. There is a lot of poorly written stuff out there with nothing to back up anything but this book is noted as being convincing. So it’s important to focus on the highly rated stuff in a certain niche and this is a good example.

Niche books like this tend to sell well but also take a while to sell. The only person looking for this book is someone who is really interested in some serious study of American pewter. Notice the title of this book. It is very specific.

This is a fantastic book and has clearly stood the test of time. I have sold it at least once and despite being a bit of a thick book, it sells for a decent amount to justify that. Don’t ignore these books in the music section. No barcode, and a fairly thick hardcover are two things to generally be hesitant about, but I have done well with this one!

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