AMAZON HYPOCRISY & RANT About DVD Restrictions & Rules For Sellers

For those of you who sell on Amazon and are not yet aware, Amazon has recently decided that they would add a barrier to entry for all sellers who want to sell DVDs that are MSRP $25+. I am generally not a fan of restrictions in this way, since especially on the internet people will do just about whatever they want anyway. I think this is yet another example of Amazon making a mistake that hurts small sellers and does not really target the perpetrators!

Amazon is requiring sellers to tell them where the items are coming from (fair enough) but they also want us to submit receipts from a distributor or wholesale company to prove that these DVDs are legitimate. They also want you to describe the steps you are taking to make sure that you don’t list any bootleg DVDs. So what happens? Everyone tells the most grandiose made up story about how they have a complete fool proof method, and they then order a bunch of stuff from a distributor just so say “here are the papers, see?” This is pretty total BS for most of us.

To be completely honest though, it does not matter very much to me. I rarely deal in DVDs let alone ones that are MSRP $25+, so really, I am not going to cry over spilled milk, this is more of an observation. The true hypocrisy comes in though, when they try to say that this is about keeping bootleg dvds out of the amazon marketplace. It’s pretty clear that they are still taking heat from companies like HBO who want exclusivity on all of their stuff in my opinion…

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