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Vacation Time!

I am super excited to say that we will be taking a week off from the business to go on vacation. I am super busy trying to wrap up all of the loose ends and finish up an FBA shipment. Once this one is done that will mean 1,200 books processed and shipped out in […]


JFK Assassination Book BOLO!

As anyone who has studied US history knows, the JFK assassination was kind of a big deal. There are tons of books written about it, and I mean tons. Every time I go out looking for books, regardless of where I go, I always find JFK books. I find almost as many books about JFK […]


Frustration And Determination

Summer in New England is the best and most important time to source products for resale with the exception of retail arbitrage for 4th quarter. Right now, July 17th, is really the busiest time for me. If you follow me on my youtube channel then you may know that I have a schedule that I […]