Here is some more insight into my Amazon FBA business

I get a lot of questions regarding Amazon FBA and specifically selling books and I wanted to share something new with you all. I made a short little video on youtube about what I was up to today and mentioned that I was packing up about 900ish books and sending them out to the Amazon warehouse. I just finished boxing up the second shipment and wanted to just share with you guys the actual numbers from the two shipments. Interpret it as you will, but remember my COGs average out to less than $1 per book. It should be mentioned that the inbound shipping combined total was just about $250. Anyway I just thought I would share this with anyone who might be curious since I have not shared it with anyone before 🙂

Shipment #1
Avg Rank 297,121
Total Count 432
Total Price $4,999.72
Net Payout $2,935.91

Shipment #2
Avg Rank 497,968
Total Count 469
Total Price $7,031.17
Net Payout $4,487.49

Book Haul – My Favorite Ones From Recent Book Sale | Selling Books On Amazon

I see a ton of books, scan a lot of them, buy few of them, and even at that point, most of the ones I sell are not particularly interesting. Here are some of the ones that I personally found interesting.

I have sold this one a few times for really good profit. I don’t know, but it appears to have not been reprinted.

After watching Sons Of Anarchy I can’t help but be at least slightly more interested in how an outlaw motorcycle club operates can you blame me?

Conspiracy theory books tend to do pretty well, and the JFK assassination will likely always be a super hot one that will be talked about forever. This book is one of the best in the genre for the story that it presents. There is a lot of poorly written stuff out there with nothing to back up anything but this book is noted as being convincing. So it’s important to focus on the highly rated stuff in a certain niche and this is a good example.

Niche books like this tend to sell well but also take a while to sell. The only person looking for this book is someone who is really interested in some serious study of American pewter. Notice the title of this book. It is very specific.

This is a fantastic book and has clearly stood the test of time. I have sold it at least once and despite being a bit of a thick book, it sells for a decent amount to justify that. Don’t ignore these books in the music section. No barcode, and a fairly thick hardcover are two things to generally be hesitant about, but I have done well with this one!

AMAZON HYPOCRISY & RANT About DVD Restrictions & Rules For Sellers

AMAZON HYPOCRISY & RANT About DVD Restrictions & Rules For Sellers

For those of you who sell on Amazon and are not yet aware, Amazon has recently decided that they would add a barrier to entry for all sellers who want to sell DVDs that are MSRP $25+. I am generally not a fan of restrictions in this way, since especially on the internet people will do just about whatever they want anyway. I think this is yet another example of Amazon making a mistake that hurts small sellers and does not really target the perpetrators!

Amazon is requiring sellers to tell them where the items are coming from (fair enough) but they also want us to submit receipts from a distributor or wholesale company to prove that these DVDs are legitimate. They also want you to describe the steps you are taking to make sure that you don’t list any bootleg DVDs. So what happens? Everyone tells the most grandiose made up story about how they have a complete fool proof method, and they then order a bunch of stuff from a distributor just so say “here are the papers, see?” This is pretty total BS for most of us.

To be completely honest though, it does not matter very much to me. I rarely deal in DVDs let alone ones that are MSRP $25+, so really, I am not going to cry over spilled milk, this is more of an observation. The true hypocrisy comes in though, when they try to say that this is about keeping bootleg dvds out of the amazon marketplace. It’s pretty clear that they are still taking heat from companies like HBO who want exclusivity on all of their stuff in my opinion…

One of my biggest weaknesses as an entrepreneur…

CashOne of my biggest weaknesses as an entrepreneur is time management. This is something that I struggle with. Nobody is perfect and despite my attempts to be the best I can be, I have a lot to work on! I think admitting that we all have a lot to work on is an important first step towards achieving our goals 🙂 I don’t talk enough about my weaknesses and the things that I need to improve upon. I want to really start talking about what is holding me back in hopes that you can relate to it too and learn from your mistakes and blunders too. I am looking into different ways to improve and have been thinking about what works best. From everything I have read, one of the best tips is to stay organized like you would with other aspects of your business.

I am really not the sort of person to keep a journal or a calender, but I find that as I continue to expand and work on more and more projects like the Online Seller Forum and The Reseller’s Report I am trying to juggle too many things at once… While running the youtube channel, a blog, an Ebay business and an Amazon business, things have become very hectic. Do you have any strategies that you use to help with your time management or to keep you focused on the tasks that you need to accomplish? Let me know in the comments below or on the youtube video!

Turn $175 Into $7,000! HOW WE DO IT! Ride Along Video | Selling Books On Amazon FBA

CashHey guys, here is a video I have been meaning to upload for a while now. I have been so busy with a lot of projects lately but I really am excited to get back into making videos again 🙂 When it comes to making money selling online, the reality is selling books on Amazon FBA is extremely lucrative and quite easy IF you are actually willing to put in the time and effort required to learn how to do it and then follow through with it. There is no magic secret and that’s one of the biggest reasons that I openly share so much of what I do! There are a lot of lazy people out there, and so they simply make excuses for failing to get anywhere in life! Don’t ever be one of those types of people! I hope when you watch my videos or read my blogs that they inspire you to make something of yourself and accomplish your goals.

In this video we go out to one of many fill a bag book sales and we absolutely Crush It!I absolutely love fill a bag book sales because it is the easiest way to make the most money in the shortest amount of time. The numbers are real and the proof is right there in the back of the car. If you want to make money with Amazon and especially through FBA then I stand firm in the same thing I have always said all along. Go start selling books! There are books on Craigslist, at auctions, at tag sales, estate sales, even on Ebay! If you enjoy this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with someone! 🙂

Book Haul To Sell On Amazon FBA | Make Money Selling Books!

IMG_2932Hey I have some great news for all you people out there who want to learn about books! I am going to start showing every single book that I haul that I expect to sell for at least $15 or more. I have had so many requests for more details about the book hauls that I get. People have wanted to know “which types of books sell best?” and “what are some of your best finds?” And so on. It’s A LOT of work to try to go through and remember from a giant pile that is sitting in my car! I am going to start taking pictures of the books that are $15 and up and show them off. Not only is it fun to show you guys what I find but it should also give you an idea as to what my inventory looks like. I find a lot of awesome stuff!

Here are some of my favorite books from the haul!

A Pictorial History of the Western Film

Brassey’s Guide to War Films

The Art of the Table: A Complete Guide to Table Setting, Table Manners, and Tableware

National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook

How & Why I Use Ebay To Buy & Sell Online & Why You Should Too!

Hey guys I just made a new video and thought you would like to know 🙂

This is a beginner video for How & Why I enjoy selling on Ebay. If you are not a beginner then perhaps you might not enjoy it so much but if you are, then you should find some use in it if nothing else to help motivate you to get selling. I plan to make a lot more beginner videos for reselling but I will continue to do all of my other normal stuff obviously.

Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 Scanner For Amazon & Ebay Sellers

So I recently took the plunge and ordered my very own Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner(PA03656-B005). After watching a few video reviews I determined that this would be one of the best decisions I ever made for my business.

If you have been following me then you may know that one of the big reasons I shifted to primarily selling on Amazon was because of the time commitment that Ebay took. With Amazon FBA I was able to outsource so much of the low skill labor. My dream has always been to sell vintage, antique, and unique as my business, but as my Ebay business grew, I realized that in order to grow I needed to either hire a helper, deal with higher dollar priced items, or find some way to process my listings and orders faster! I fell in love with books because they were easy to acquire cheap, could be sent into Amazon FBA easily, and be sold for a huge profit. Not only that, but I could get tons of them on any given day!

I don’t want to be selling only on Amazon though, I want to sell on Ebay too. One other consideration, a primary reason that I temporarily put Ebay on hold, is because I moved into a much smaller apartment and now space is really a concern. All things considered, I have been thinking of an item that I can sell that is light weight, small, unique and has potential to be fairly valuable. I came to the conclusion that selling photographs and assorted paper ephemera type items might just be exactly the answer that I was looking for.


I had experimented in the past with scanners, flatbed scanners to be specific, but they had always been slow, clunky, and quite disappointing. I had always thought that it would be awesome if I had an easier way to manage my receipts and miscellaneous paperwork as well. Don’t you wish you could just effortlessly create super high quality scans of all of your important paperwork and receipts? Up until now it has only been a frustrating dream. I did not want to spend a bunch of money on a good scanner just to manage my paperwork after all! With this decision to jump into the exciting world of selling vintage and antique paper and photographs I am not able to get all of the benefits that I want while justifying the time spent processing these items. I bet I could list hundreds of photographs in a day fairly easily. Wouldn’t you say? Best of all, no more heaping piles of receipts to keep track of!

I wanted to just cover some of the incredible features of this beast and let you be the judge. I am not suggesting that this scanner is for everyone, or even that many people who will read this blog, but I will say that if you want to invest in your business in a way that will save you time and money, and you are ready to shell out the money for a top of the line product, then you will not be disappointed.

Some important things to consider:
1) It’s the most popular and highest rated scanner in the market
2) It’s about the size of a large loaf of bread and is folds up very compact.
3) It scans both sides of a document or image at the same time
4) It works on PC or Mac and it can scan directly export to an Iphone/Ipad and Android devices
5) It can scan 25 pages per minute (smaller documents or photographs are even faster)
6) It’s very quiet!
7) It comes with Adobe Acrobat X ($200 value)

If you are looking for an incredible solution then you should strongly consider looking into buying your own Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner(PA03656-B005).

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Are You Working On Diversifying Your Income Streams?

I am always thinking of how I can make an honest dollar and I am working on figuring out how I can make more money by integrating social media with my business. I STRONGLY encourage every single person who follows me on facebook, twitter, youtube, or wherever to work on some form of passive income. It does not have to be in the reselling niche (but why not?) I love reselling and always will, but why not work on building up your little nest egg like I have on my youtube channel? Anyone can make videos and anyone can make money on their videos!

Remember people, the single best investment you can make is SELF KNOWLEDGE. You won’t ever have to worry about it paying taxes on self knowledge. Nobody can take it away from you. You can make the world a better place with it. You can improve the lives of those around you, and you can enrich your own life. It is by far the best investment!

So aside from launching my new website and 100% free reseller forum, I also plan to launch a website about books and the things that we sometimes find in books. I am always thinking “how can I make money through creative ideas while providing value to people… FOR FREE!?” because that is the secret to success in life.

So I thought of a new idea. I am going to start showcasing some of the more interesting/valuable/popular books that I buy for resale and I will probably be making a ton of these videos. They will be product review videos for items that I already have and that I am legitimately selling on Amazon. Don’t worry I won’t spam your feed though 🙂 How are YOU planning on diversifying your income streams? Are you planning for a rainy day? Do you want to be rich some day? Better to start sooner rather than later! I am so grateful that I was taught a strong work ethic at a young age!

Turn $140 into $4000 Selling On Amazon | Book Haul + Ride Along Video

I went to a book sale from 9:00 – 12:00 but ended up staying a bit late. It was FREE DAY (fairly rare event) at the location that I went to in my previous video. I dropped off this entire haul at my GF’s parents place because it was on the way to the other sale. It was free at the other sale from 12:00 – 3:00 but it was an hour drive… So half of the haul is not even in this video and I was in a hurry so I didn’t video it SORRY! They stayed open late too, and so I was able to haul a bunch from there too! All said and done I spent $140 and got at least 800 books all said and done total!

The best part about fill a bag sales and book sales or thrift shops is that generally speaking you don’t have to deal with any stickers and the ones that use stickers are never as bad as goodwill stickers. I find that I can get stickers off very easily with Scotty Peelers but even with them it depends on the sticker you are peeling off. In this case I am glad that I don’t even have to worry about them and that’s why I praise book sales and thrift shops so often. In fact, that is why I am now going to only source from them from now on. Goodbye goodwill!

All said and done after fees I honestly expect to rake in about 4k net from all of these books. Some may take longer to sell than others but I know my margins and I know the types of numbers that I do from selling books on Amazon through FBA. I hope this video helps to get you out there and go hunting for stuff to resell too!